Are Self Tanners Bad for You?

are self tanners bad for you

Getting a faux tan instead of exposing your skin to UV rays is the SMART option. Yet, you may have wondered at some point, are self tanners bad for you?

Even though there are great spray tan options out there nowadays, trial and error might have you picking the WRONG ones.

There’s NOTHING dangerous or toxic about self tanners.

If your skin absorbs too much DHA, which is the ingredient that “tans” you in basically all tanners…you turn orange. Nothing dangerous about that, but it’s just icky!!

On top of that, your naturally dry parts, like your knees, can absorb MORE DHA, so you end up with orange knees and elbows. Eww!!

This is why it’s important to get self tanners that retain your skin’s natural moisture, using ingredients like avocado oil.

But even if yours doesn’t dry out your skin, you should still be MOISTURIZING skin daily!

I love creams with hyaluronic acid… sounds scary, but this acid is actually a naturally occurring compound in your body, and it binds to water to keep moisture locked in!

So I love the Enhancer Skin Conditioning Gel by Nuskin, because it not only contains this naturally occurring acid that’s already present in your own skin, but it contains another awesome one called NaPCA — a mild sodium acid that also BINDS water to the skin.

The Enhancer Skin Conditioning Gel is the only product out there (besides Nuskin’s Moisture Mist, and Sunright Insta Glow) that has BOTH of those ingredients, for double the moisture retention. (Which is different from “retaining water,” OK??)

And like I said above, Nuskin’s Sunright Insta Glow is a GREAT option for retaining even more moisture, because it also has those two ingredients that help water bind to the skin!

But, “bind to the skin”? You may be wondering, does this stuff ever come off??

Well, a single application should last four to seven days, and it’s designed to absorb quickly into your skin, but the sun-kissed glow won’t last forever, of course.

On the bright side (or should I say, on the glowing side) you can reapply it daily easily, because it only takes a few minutes to dry.

But keep in mind when I say “dry,” your skin absolutely will not be dried out!!

There’s nothing worse than applying self tanners on dry skin, creating an uneven look!!

(Image: Cosmo)

And I believe the easiest way to PREVENT that is with products that keep your skin’s natural moisture in…

Then, not only will you never have to worry about dry skin issues with self tanners, but retaining your natural skin’s natural moisture is also known to help with wrinkles too!

So in a roundabout way, you could say that tanners like Instaglow might help you avoid wrinkles! As opposed to tanning at the salon, which creates wrinkles. Talk about “are self tanners bad for you”…Quite the opposite!!

I’d say I’m doing it right, wouldn’t you? 😉

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