At-Home Lash Lifting Kit…Does it WORK?

Do lash curlers look like a scary medieval torture device to you?? But do you still want looooong lashes that curl up to the heavens? Today I’m going to talk about the “lash LIFTING kit” I saw.

(And then stay tuned, because I also want to tell you how to PROTECT your lashes, if you are going to do stuff like this and be rough on them!! šŸ˜‰ )

So I was scrolling through the ‘gram, as one does…

And I saw an ad where this woman had glued her lashes up against her eyelid, like she had just REALLY BOTCHED applying some falsies.

Thinking this would be honestly kinda hilarious, I kept watching, only to see in the end reveal that her lashes looked GORGEOUS! They were curled up with way better results than what you could get with a curler.

And of course, it also turned out that she wasn’t “gluing her lashes to her eyelid” at all. HAHA!

It wasn’t glue. It was a perming lotion. And it wasn’t right against the eyelid ā€” it was actually on top of these little pads you put on your eyelid.

Then all she did was wait 10 minutes, then apply another lotion to help it set, wait another 10 minutes, and DONEEE ā€” super curly lashes that last for a month (and it would last longer, except your eyelashes fall out and are replaced each month).

It DOES look a little scary though, and a couple of people in the comments said, “DO NOT get the lotion on your skin or in your eye!!!”

Anyway, is it just me, or does it seem like there’s a recent trend to STOP getting things done in the salon, and DIY instead?

That’s totally understandable because eyelash extensions cost over $100. But what if these semi-dangerous, kind of COMPLEX beauty hacks aren’t really your thing?

Is it possible to have LASHES FOR DAYS, without waiting 20 minutes, or risking RIPPING all your lashes out??

YES! For those of us who are afraid of lash curlers, and also don’t want to invest $$ on a lash lifting kit or getting them perm-curled at the salon…(And yes, I know I am getting a bit PICKY at this point šŸ˜‰)…There are other options!

From least effective to most effective…

  • Using a warm fingertip, press lashes up and back against the eyelid. It is more effective than you’d think! But no pinching with your fingers, or you will just be pulling lashes out!! OUCH!
  • When you are almost done applying mascara, don’t quit yet!! HOLD the wand on the tip of the eyelash for 10 – 20 seconds.
  • Take a warm spoon, put the curve under your eyelid, and lift up. Be careful it isn’t TOO hot, of course, but trust me…this tip really, surprisingly works!
  • Use a mascara with a CURVED WAND! Yup, now that you’re thinking about it, this one seems obvious, doesn’t it?? You’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner…Nuskin’s Curl & Lash Mascara really opens up my eyes and gives me that “doe-eyed” look…I assume that’s what you are going for!! šŸ˜‚

Curl & Lash Mascara

“OK Barbara,” you say.

“Now we’re just getting a little weird and maybe even a little obsessed with this whole curled lashes thing. I mean, hot spoons? $$ at the salon??”

“Isn’t curling and mascara and extensions and all that DAMAGING to my natural lashes?”

Why yes, person I made up!! šŸ˜‰ You’re completely right…

Constantly curling your lashes…especially with a chemical treatment like a lash lift kit…can really WEAKEN your natural lashes, especially the delicate tips. In fact, they tell you not to put the perming lotion on your lash tips AT ALL when you’re using a lash lift kit, but I don’t know how you would avoid that.

So if your lashes are constantly being curled, and tampered with, and covered in mascara, you’ll want to protect them with an eyelash treatment serum!

My favorites is one that actually uses the natural strength of seaweed ā€” Nu Color Nutriol Eyelash Treatment.

Now I know “seaweed” sounds a little icky, but it’s not actually seaweed, it’s Tricalgoxyl, which is super rich in kelp compounds that put nutrients back in your lashes.

And you know what else, this stuff also works as a brow styling gel, and even better it’s a lash primer for your mascara so it lasts longer, defines each lash, and doesn’t get clumpy!

Nu Colour Nutriol Eyelash Treatment

From root to tip, your eyelashes should be STRONG just like you protect your skin and nails to make THEM healthy and strong. And if you have weak, delicate lashes that are always going in a wonky direction or are about to fall out…

Whether that’s how they are naturally, or kind of your own fault from doing so much to them…

Get a treatment to add volume and thickness, make mascara last longer, and make those lashes stronger, so you can do all the crazy things the beauty industry has us do to them!! šŸ˜‚

And as for the lash lifting kit, would you ever “glue” your lashes to your lid like that? Or does that sound like a disaster waiting to happen? Leave me a comment if you’ve ever accidentally ripped out some lashes!!

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