False Eyelashes PROBLEMS, and the Simple Solution!

false eyelashes problems

A couple of truths to start out this article: False lashes make everybody IMMEDIATELY look a heck of a lot better…unless you’ve got those (un?)naturally long lashes that almost nobody is blessed with. And the second truth: false lashes are extremely annoying to apply and wear! But nobody wants to talk about false eyelashes problems. […]

Will “Sleep Wrinkles” Go Away? (And How to Keep Them at Bay)

Will Sleep Wrinkles Go Away

Do you sleep on your back, side, or front? For the longest time I thought back sleepers were crazy, until I realized that they would be getting a lot less WRINKLES on their faces. But will sleep wrinkles go away? (And can anti-aging creams help?)   There are sooo many factors causing wrinkles. Too many […]

The Best Teeth Whitening Products (2019 Updated, Latest Trends!)

best teeth whitening products 2019

Teeth whitening tech is getting more and more advanced every day! So even though it’s a little early, here is my LIST of the year’s best teeth whitening products. 2019 is going to be the year of LED whitening and other futuristic gizmos… And since “futuristic” is the key word here, we’re only going to […]