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Promposal Ideas That Only a Crazy Person Could Say “No” To!!

(Source: Pinterest) So I know it’s usually the guy asking the girl to prom, and maybe that needs to change! But I’m sure you’ve had a guy friend ask YOU for “promposal” ideas (prom + proposal). (And maybe you’re about to find out, he wanted to know because he’s going to ask YOU to PROM!!) […]

This “Tati Westbrook and James Charles Drama”…Heard About It Yet?


So it wouldn’t surprise me if you’ve seen something on your social media feed(s) about the Tati Westbrook and James Charles drama. Now to anyone over the age of like, 20, the feuds between YouTube celebrities may not be something you follow… But, since these people ARE entrepreneurs, business leaders, and hard-working makeup company owners […]

Microdermabrasion Facial: My Thoughts!

microdermabrasion facial

So this whole idea of a “microdermabrasion facial” is really popular nowadays even though it looks and sounds painful…spraying little crystals all over your face and rubbing them around and vacuuming them up? But microdermabrasion definitely has its benefits despite the mild discomfort, or people wouldn’t keep going back! It ISN’T supposed to hurt but […]

Is Honey the Ultimate Skin Savior? (Honey Face Mask)

Both honey and face masks have been part of ancient cultures’ beauty rituals…So why not combine them today? Most ancient Egyptian medicines had honey in them! And they used it to heal infections too. The ancient Egyptians basically worshiped bees the same way they worshiped cats! Also, Ancient Ayurvedic medicine recommended honey for skin conditions […]

Why is Lumispa BETTER Than a Facial Cleansing Brush?

facial cleansing brush

From Clarisonic to Neutrogena, there are a lot of motorized brushes that claim to get rid of everything from fine lines to acne. But how do you know that a facial cleansing brush can actually LIVE UP TO ITS CLAIMS??? via GIPHY Well first off, I’m not going to name any names but let’s just […]