Is There An Anti Aging Serum That Turns BACK the Clock?

I get this question from people all the time because preventing aging is all well and good, but what if the effects of aging have already set in? Is there an anti aging serum out there that will REALLY make you look younger?

Half of anti-aging is all about prevention, but the other half is about restoration. Because restoration is indeed possible!!

But there are so many bogus products out there that won’t actually reduce your wrinkles at all.

For example, a product might claim to have collagen in it, but most collagen molecules are too big to cross the skin’s protective barrier. You would actually have to have collagen peptide fragments in it for the anti aging serum to do any good.

What does a better job than that is Vitamin C — a study showed that exposing cells to Vitamin C increased collagen creation by 8 times!

Also, products without the acids AHA and PHA (which get rid of dead skin and make the skin thicker and less likely to wrinkle)…probably not doing much good!!

If you’re using something on your skin right now that doesn’t have any of these ingredients, then you’re just wasting your time!

Similarly, horseradish is not one of those ingredients that improves your skin…but it’s still yummy…LOL!

All of this is straight from Dr. Zoe Draelos, who worked with NuSkin to help connect science to skin care.

Oh, and she’s also on the board of directors for the American Academy of Dermatology! 😉

So not only do doctors give their input to help make Nu Skin more effective, but they help CREATE revolutionary products based on the latest science!

(If you want help paring down your routine to just one anti aging serum or two, then contact me!)

A great example of this is the ageLOC Tru Face Essence…ULTRA! (As in, an update to the old version after further research was conducted.)

First let me explain what Tru Face Essence is — an anti aging serum that uses Ethocyn, a molecule that stimulates your elastin, which as you can probably guess are protein fibers that work (along with collagen) to keep your skin firm and toned!

So applying Ethocyn to your skin may be able to REVERSE aging by upping your elastin production! In fact, Miami Beach dermatologist Leslie Baumann said that if she could only pick ONE fix for her skin, it would be a product that helps produce elastin!!

So yes, Tru Face Essence is an absolutely amazing anti aging serum because it’s able to safely block DHT, an androgen that BLOCKS elastin in both men and women.

But my point here is that Nu Skin products are evidence-based and the team is never satisfied either…that’s why Tru Face Essence ULTRA was re-formulated to include ingredients from ageLOC Future Serum, for example glucosamine, which your body uses to basically build itself…tendons, ligaments, cartilage! The ULTRA version also contains powerful antioxidants!

So with an anti aging serum like this around, never feel like you have to succumb to the effects of aging!

Aging is just a Myth, after all. And in fact, there’s a whole book about it!

😉 I can definitely tell you more about that!…I’ll be writing a blog about this book, but if you can’t wait until then, send me a message to learn more!

More about Ethocyn

(Ethocyn® is a registered trademark of BCS.)

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