Mud Mask Benefits (and, Rare Glacial Mud!)

There are a lot of face masks out there, and it can be hard to figure out which ones are great and which ones are a waste of time! That’s why I’m excited to tell you about mud mask benefits, in case you’ve never tried one for yourself!

Why mud?

Mud is really great at absorbing any impurities like dirt and oil from deep in your pores, or even in deeper layers of the skin!

And we all know that if you purify your skin, that’s what stops the blemishes!! Also, a mud mask naturally has a clay base, which is a great exfoliant when you’re rubbing the mask to wash it off. Of course, that’s not true for peel-off masks. I’m a fan of a mask you have to wash off so you can get every last benefit out of it!!

And possibly the most awesome of the mud mask benefits: as it dries on your skin, it naturally tightens your skin…yay for looking younger!!

But what if I told you, these mud mask benefits could be 10x if you knew about a rare and special kind of mud?

After all, I know it sounds like we’re playing in the mud here and you could just go and get some from your backyard. (I know you know I’m kidding…please don’t…AGH!)

Actually, you need to be really selective about which mud mask you buy, because the minerals and trace elements in it depends on where the mud is sourced from…

So the mask I want to highlight today is the Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask by NuSkin.

This is, literally, rare stuff…

Not only do you get the benefits of removing dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and tightening your skin / enriching it with nutrients…

But you also get natural colloidal particles from this glacial mud.

What is “glacial” mud, exactly? Well, as you probably know, during the Ice Age glaciers came through and created natural land formations (mountains and valleys).

Now that I’m done with the geology lesson, onto some history:

Epoch Glacial Marine mud comes from northern Canada, British Columbia.

There’s an ancient legend that the Inuit people who lived there tried to make pottery from the mud, but the particles were so fine and smooth that it was impossible to make anything!! But after they tried and failed, they noticed their HANDS were oh so silky smooth!

Now, is the folk legend true? I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure, but one thing that is true is, the mud is made of such fine particles because these particles arecolloidal.

What does that mean? (I know, lots of terms today!!)

It means that the particles create a barrier around oil in order to remove it, so it’s even more effective than other mud masks!

Also, because the mud is straight from a pristine, uncharted estuary, you get more beneficial elements in the mud:

From copper that makes your skin stronger, to chromium that aids your skin’s moisture balance!

Yes, a mud mask is great, feels amazing to put on, and is known not only for its nutrients but for keeping you looking YOUNG…

But getting that mud from a basically undiscovered deposit, and getting the additional minerals from a glacier, is so much more awesome to me!!

The ions in clay and mud can destroy the bacteria on your skin, but only the tiny colloidal particles in the Glacial Marine Mud Mask can get rid of oil on a whole new level! Without drying out the skin!

Plus, you can say you have legendary mud on your skin that may have been used to keep Inuit people’s skin looking BEAUTIFUL…who else can say that?


Clear Lee

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