Promposal Ideas That Only a Crazy Person Could Say “No” To!!

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So I know it’s usually the guy asking the girl to prom, and maybe that needs to change! But I’m sure you’ve had a guy friend ask YOU for “promposal” ideas (prom + proposal).

(And maybe you’re about to find out, he wanted to know because he’s going to ask YOU to PROM!!)

But anyway, I’m sure you’ve seen these compilations on YouTube of the most outrageous and awesome promposal ideas, and some of them look about as elaborate and expensive as a real proposal!

From getting all your friends to do a choreographed dance number, to buying giant balloons and stuffed animals and posters with letters…

The more friends you have the better!!

It seems like these days, if you want to ask someone to prom you really have to work for it!! (And yes, I know girls are also doing the asking too!)

But whether you are the asker or the ask-ee, probably your biggest concern after “Who am I going with?” is:

“What dress am I wearing?? And how do I do my makeup?”

“OR should I just hire someone to do it for me to make sure it’s absolutely perfect?”

And of course you do want it perfect, for those selfies that will withstand the test of time immemorial!!!!

WELL, I say, prom is expensive enough already. Especially if you are the one who just rented 4 Golden Retrievers to sweeten the deal for your date!!!

Now, I say, as your MUA maven, stanning skincare (if I’m using that wrong, you know what, don’t tell me!!)…

Your prom TAN, MAKEUP, WHITE TEETH…all of that should be more than doable on your OWN without going anywhere!

Like I said, I know prom is already expensive enough!!

For example, spray tanning at the salon is like $50! So I definitely recommend applying a tanning cream at home instead.

Of course you may have been turned off the idea of tanning cream by knowing that’s what a certain president does…who is known for that uneven orange “glow”! It just goes to show that all the money in the world doesn’t mean you’re necessarily picking the best products!

What I recommend is Sunright Insta Glow, because it has naturally sourced minerals: DHAs that blend in with your skin’s existing condition and moisture amount. Plus it RETAINS that moisture and prevents you from looking either too dry or too oily, with Vitamin E and avocado oil. Your skin will love the natural, smooth, not cakey or flaky look…and so will your date!!

Click here to check it out!

And just like you don’t want to be known as the girl who went orange for prom, you also don’t want to be known as the girl with bleached white teeth that end up bluish or grayish looking instead, because bleach has damaged the tooth and the underlying root!!!

I have many solutions for that in another blog post, my favorite being:

Because it uses the same (SAFE) ingredient that’s used in face cleansers to get past oil to the dirt beneath…so for teeth, that means getting under stains and plaque…WITHOUT the bleach and the expense of teeth whitening strips!!

Like I said, for an event like prom, you obviously want to stand out and be the center of attention, but in a good way, not because you look like you should be on Jersey Shore…

Oh NO…But this could be a theme for one of the worst promposal ideas.

I know everybody wants to do glitzy drag-queen-like makeup for prom, and just beat their face to the gods, BUT I also feel like 2019 is a year for dewy, natural radiance where you can let highlighter, strong brows, neutral glowy tones and a signature lip lead the way!! 

For example the new lip trend in Japan and Korea is called “fruit juice lip” — it’s all about having glossy, “wet looking,” pouty natural lips!

If you don’t have those naturally (and who does, lol) Smile Pop lip gloss actually contains teeny tiny BLUE MICROPEARLS!

The blue-violet iridescent pearls are actually bouncing and reflecting light, which creates this beautiful illusion of shiny, fuller lips. But natural looking too. I imagine high gloss lips would really compliment the glitz and drama of the prom dress.

So we’ve agreed that to be prom AND “promposal ideas” ready…

You should be looking GOOD but looking very natural too.

After all, chances are, you are going to be the only normal thing there…because some of these promposal ideas are pretty INSANE!!

Source: Pinterest

Speaking of “fruit juice lip”…I hope they’re only going to put fruit juice in those cups later!! 😉

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