The Best Teeth Whitening Products (2019 Updated, Latest Trends!)

best teeth whitening products 2019

Teeth whitening tech is getting more and more advanced every day! So even though it’s a little early, here is my LIST of the year’s best teeth whitening products. 2019 is going to be the year of LED whitening and other futuristic gizmos…

And since “futuristic” is the key word here, we’re only going to list peroxide-free products!

Because peroxide actually gets past your enamel into the pulp of your teeth, which can harm not only the enamel, but even the pulp! (That’s what keeps your teeth alive! So let’s NOT mess with that, huh??)

Lots of studies say hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are safe, but other studies show that its long-term effects are just like Coke, which leaches minerals from enamel.

SO without further ado, My Top 3 Best Teeth Whitening Products! 2019 is going to shine so bright, no peroxide necessary!

LED Light for Teeth Whitening

Dentists used to use UV light to whiten teeth. (Some still do. Horrible.) The way it worked was, they would put bleach on the teeth, and then shine UV light on it, and the reaction = whiter teeth! But of course we all know the dangers of UV light nowadays…as well as the dangers of harsh bleaches…Let’s reserve the bleach for the hair, please!! (I kid. Not even that.)

Today, lots of dentists will use non-bleach agents, and they’ll use LED light instead of UV light.

But that’s not one of the best teeth whitening products! 2019 is the year of the at home whitening kit!

Yup, nowadays you can actually buy your own kit (off Amazon, etc.) and do the procedure at home instead of going into the dentist. As you probably guessed, it’s cheaper to use your own teeth whitening kit, too!

Most at-home teeth whitening kits do contain peroxide, but there’s one by Auraglow that uses baking soda instead.

Also, aloe and chamomile in gel to soothe your gums! Whew, nice.

The company Cali White has a similar kit that uses cranberry seed oil to lift stains from your teeth.

Activated Charcoal

young woman brushing her teeth with a black tooth paste with active charcoal, and black tooth brush on white background

Our second natural teeth whitening method is CHARCOAL…Some people are shocked to see how the dark inky powder actually lifts stains, ‘cause it looks pretty scary, and like it would stain your teeth.

Now, you may not think of this method as being “future-y” like I mentioned above…since it’s been used for centuries around the world. And of course, it’s also used today to help detox and pump people’s stomachs after a drug overdose!

But I still say that charcoal is the future of teeth whitening, ‘cause it only got super popular in 2018. And dentists are agreeing that, scientifically, it checks out!

Charcoal is able to lift away TANNINS — the stuff that’s in dark drinks like coke, coffee, and tea. Drink what you want, when you want!

Whitening Toothpaste

Saving the SIMPLEST and best method for last!

Obviously, if we’re listing the best teeth whitening products (2019 or before), we’ve got to mention toothpaste! Sure, it’s been around since before 2019, but it’s still the preferred method if you don’t want to have to go to any extra trouble. Fighting cavities, getting minty fresh breath, and whitening your teeth at the same time is the way to go!

So what’s scientifically advanced and new about this?

NATURAL whitening toothpaste, which has only really come into its own in the past couple of years.

Sure, you have your “Crests” and your “Colgates,” but they have peroxide. Oral Essentials Whitening Toothpaste, on the other hand, uses coconut oil, and it also contains lemon peel and sage oil to prevent tooth pain and sensitivity!

For something even more natural, check out Hello Toothpaste, which is also free of artificial sweeteners (uses sorbitol).

And then there’s AP24 toothpaste. The titular ingredient in  AP24, is a “surfactant”. That’s the same stuff used in a lot of face cleaners to get past oil to the dirt beneath — you can see how the same chemistry logic follows for teeth. It will clean and brighten teeth, keep plaque from sticking all day long (hence the name — Anti-Plaque 24), tastes great, and is still GENTLE and peroxide-free which means, no painful, sensitivity associated with this all-in-one whitening toothpaste!  

Click here to check it out!

So, you can see that these are exciting times for teeth whitening technology (if that’s something you can find exciting…😁 LOL).

The days of harmful peroxide, harmful UV rays, and icky additives are GONE.

I’ve seen the future, guys, and it’s all-natural. That has me smiling wide!!

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