Why is Lumispa BETTER Than a Facial Cleansing Brush?

facial cleansing brush

From Clarisonic to Neutrogena, there are a lot of motorized brushes that claim to get rid of everything from fine lines to acne. But how do you know that a facial cleansing brush can actually LIVE UP TO ITS CLAIMS???


Well first off, I’m not going to name any names but let’s just talk about the TYPES of facial cleansing brushes that don’t work:

  • Ones that use BRISTLES…oww
  • Ones that have “fine crystals,” because these are more likely to burn your skin and make it red (LITERAL SANDPAPER is used with some of these!! I wish I was kidding!)
  • Ones that don’t do anything to PROTECT your skin’s natural moisture barrier. You need to avoid harsh bristles and harsh ingredients, or the lipids and oils that protect your skin will be damaged. The Lumispa has a gentle head, and low foam cleansers. (Lots of foam damages the moisture barrier.) The Lumispa cleansers also contain HUMECTANTS like glycine and squalane…which prevent moisture from leaving your skin! Unlike other cleanser products, which, while exfoliating and purifying your face, will actually dry and dull the heck out of it. That makes it more prone to wrinkles and sun damage!!
  • Ones where you have to BUY new puff pads like twice a month…clearly they’re just after your money because there is no reason you need to be replacing anything on the applicator head…just use a liquid cleanser instead!!
  • Ones that are super TIME INTENSIVE…I saw one facial cleansing brush (again, not naming names!!) rub off dead skin cells, but then have a VACUUM CLEANER LIKE ATTACHMENT that requires you to SUCTION the dead skin cells and particles off your face…What is the point of that and how silly does it look??


Whereas the LumiSpa doesn’t take more than two minutes, CAN BE USED IN THE SHOWER, and you don’t have to mess with different heads/attachments.

Because the soft silicone head WORKS so why would you need a bunch of different brush heads like “fine” “medium” “coarse”…??

Technically you can’t call the Lumispa a facial cleansing BRUSH, because instead of bristles it is super soft to the touch and contains antimicrobial silver.

So your skin is not going to be IRRITATED but it will be SAFE from infection!

So I tricked you just a little tiny bit in this blog post, but I think it was worth it! 😉 The Lumispa isn’t a facial cleansing brush, it’s a facial cleansing system…and there are no other attachments, or packets of pads you have to keep replacing…

Instead of the gimmicks, there’s more time invested on doing what the device is MEANT to do: protect your skin from blemishes, damage and aging.

It does this with its unique patent-pending Micro-pulse Oscillation technology. It also does this with a gentle cleanse that protects skin’s moisture so that your skin is good at taking care of ITSELF. And that’s the real trick!

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